To hire staff from The Hustle Community, as with all other business or service providers, you must be a registered advertiser and your job must meet our community guidelines for rates of pay among other things. 
This includes all call centers and phone sales work, promo and experiential agencies, temp or office agencies, luxury retail agencies, children's party organisers, events staffers, singing waiters & events entertainment companies and performing arts schools or teaching agencies.
To hire staff from The Hustle Community you must have a "Business" level account. ("Individual" accounts are for self employed creative freelancers and only permitted to promote their own products or services. If your business has 3 or more employees you will also need the "Business" level account.) 
You can find out more information about the "Business" account type and sign up here:  here: thehustlecommunity.com/advertising/
The main features of the "Business" account are that you are allowed Unlimited Posts and also that your posts qualify for "Auto Post Approval" which means, after your facebook account has been upgraded, your posts get published immediately with no wait time for moderation, a great benefit if you need to hire staff fast! 
Publishing Adverts To The Group
All adverts are created and published directly by you to The Hustle Community Facebook Group
Adverts can ONLY be authored and published by a Personal Facebook Profile not a facebook Business Page. If you are a registered advertiser then your personal facebook profile must match the name you have saved in your account settings on our website otherwise your adverts will not be approved. This is a limitation of facebook and not something we have any control over.  
Creating Adverts
To create an advert simply navigate to the group, write a detailed written post about the job you are offering. Accompany that written post with an eye catching image (with as little text as possible on the image) and hit "Publish" 
If you are a new advertiser your post will now enter the moderation queue and at 8am or 3pm it will be either approved or rejected based on our Community Guidelines and your advertising account status. 
Here is a detailed post about how to create the most compelling advert possible for the community to ensure that you get the best response. 
As a "Business" account holder you usually don't have your posts moderated and often don't have to go through the moderation queue the first time at all but upgrading your facebook account the first time can take up to 24hrs after you sign up so if you submit a post immediately after you sign up your post will be sent to the moderation queue. This is why we recommend signing up leaving plenty of time to recruit before your deadline. 
More Information & Signup
For detailed information about the features of the Business account and how to get started click here: thehustlecommunity.com/advertising/