The Hustle Community is made up of over 40,000 performers based mostly in the UK. 

We have Dancers, Singers, Actors, Models and Variety Performers and Speciality Acts. 

If you have a casting or audition then The Hustle is the perfect place to promote it. The best thing is...

It's Totally Free!!!

We are a charity and our income comes from the businesses and services that advertise with us so that means we can promote performing work for free to the community. 

To post a casting here's what you need to do: 

  1. Sign Up For A Free Account On Our Website - This registers your details with us and allows us to verify your email address and give you the group password. 
  2. Join The Facebook Group - This is where your actual advert will be posted by yourself but you have to have a website account with us first. Inside there you will see the group password which you can then type into the Group Questions to gain access. 
  3. Check Your Casting Meets Our Guidelines - This is important because we support Equity contracts and fees and if your casting doesnt meet the guidelines it wont be approved. 
  4. Publish Your Post - Just like you would normally on any facebook group and it will be approved usually within 24 hours and start getting submissions.