To promote your service or business to The Hustle Community you must be a registered advertiser. 
This includes all Photographers, Voicereel & Showreel Producers, Masseurs & Health Professionals, Web Designers, Singing Teachers & Vocal Coaches, Accountants & Tax Experts.
(We also welcome recruitment adverts from Call Centers, Promo & Temp Agencies, Children's Party Organisers, Events Staffers, Singing Waiters & Events Entertainment Companies and Performing Arts Schools & Teaching Agencies etc. which you can find out more information on here: How To Hire Staff From The Hustle)
There are two levels of account you can sign up for Individual or Business
If you are self-employed or a creative freelancer with 2 or fewer employees, then you can sign up for an "Individual" account and advertise your own services. If you have 3 or more employees (or are hiring staff) then you will need a "Business" account to promote your services. You can find out more information about each account type and sign up here: thehustlecommunity.com/advertising/
How Advertising Works
All adverts are created and published directly by you to The Hustle Community Facebook Group
Adverts can only be authored and published by a Personal Facebook Profile not a facebook Business Page. If you are a registered advertiser then your personal facebook profile must match the name you have saved in your account settings on our website otherwise your adverts may not be approved.  
Creating Adverts
To create an advert simply navigate to the group, write a detailed, written post about the product or service you are offering. Accompany that written post with an eye catching image (with as little text as possible on the image) and hit "Post" 
If you are an Individual advertiser, your post will now enter the moderation queue and at 8am or 3pm it will be either approved or rejected based on our Community Guidelines (bit.ly/HustleGuidelines) and your advertising account status. 
If you are a Business advertiser you also qualify for a premium service called "Post Pre-Approval" 
Post Pre-Approval
Post Pre-Approval is a Business account feature only that allows your adverts to skip the moderation queue entirely and is reserved for advertisers that we trust to always submit high quality content abiding by our community guidelines. 
After you have signed up for a Premium Account our team will search for your facebook profile in the group and approve you for "Post Pre-Approval". Once you have been pre-approved your posts will no longer be moderated and will skip the queue being posted immediately. This process usually takes about 48 hours maximum and you will receive a notification when the approval has been successful. 
If you are casting paid performing work then you can post this casting to the group for free and do not have to register, as long as the terms meet our Community Guidelines (bit.ly/HustleGuidelines). 
Only paid performing work that is not a one off or recurring one-off event counts as a free to promote casting. For example a ticketed show or contracted mid to long term employment, as opposed to a corporate event or wedding singing which qualifies as "Event Staffing" and requires a business account to promote. An easy way to tell the difference is to ask yourself - Would an Equity contract cover this job? If yes then it's likely free to promote, if no then chances are it's an event and not a casting. 
Classes & Events
You can also freely publish to the group to promote classes, workshops or other events you would like our community to attend but you must first submit the event to The Hustle Community Events Calendar and then use the link to that event in your post to the group.