The Hustle is a vibrant community of higly skilled and charismatic performers at the outset of their careers. As such it makes for a perfect pool to hire temporary staff for your business. If you are a Temp Agency, Events Company, Luxury Retail Agency or Promotional Agency or even a school looking to hire teaching staff then The Hustle Community is the perfect place to find your new faces. 

With over 45,000 members and an average of 175 posts a week it is really important that you craft a job listing that will catch attention, get a high level of engagement and get you a good response rate so here are some ways you can make sure your jobs listing is a winner. 

1. Does It Meet The Guidelines

This might sound obvious but the first thing to check is that your job actually meets the guidelines for submission to our community. We have specific minimum rates of pay and some other criteria depending on the type of job that must be present in order for the post to get approved at all. You can view these guidelines to check your post here: Click Here To View The Latest Community Guidelines

2. Include All Relevant Details

We get a lot of posts to the group that are two sentences long. Just simply stating the rate of pay and the job type. How boring is that! If you are taking the time to submit a job listing to the group then it's worth spending the extra two minutes to write a detailed description of the job requirements and duties. Posts that have over 100 words get DOUBLE the engagement on average than posts that have less than 50 words. To make it really compelling it should have: 

  • Job Title & Description Of Duties
  • Rates Of Pay, Bonuses, Comissions
  • Pay Schedule so they know when they can expect the money.
  • Location & Travel Details (Nearest station etc)
  • Shift Times & General Hours Worked
  • Some information about your agency and the client if applicable. 
  • Submision details, contact details and required info to submit. 

3. Add An Eyecatching & Compelling Image Or Video

Posts with relevant images or videos attached see DOUBLE the engagement than posts without. The best thing you can do is use an image that is relevant to the job post. So If it's a sampling activity - show someone sampling in the street or in a shop. Or even better if your company has any videos that is uses to attract staff attach those to the post. 

4. Link To Your Website

This is especially important if you don't use an image or a video as suggested above. A link to your general staff page on your website or at the very least your company homepage will transform the post into a link post which shows up differently in the facebook news feed and will get more engagement. This is especially good if your website is set up with good facebook friendly meta information so that facebook will pull a compelling image preview into the post which will get you the best of both worlds with a compelling image AND a link to your website. 

5. Add Some Personality

Humour and levity in your posts will go a long way to getting you a better response to your jobs listing. Our members want to know that they are going to be working somewhere fun and enjoyable so be a human being and describe the job in a real and fun way. If you can inject a bit of personality into your posts you are guaranteed to get a better response. 

6. Don't Be Vague Or Spammy

Do you want an amazing opportunity to earn thousands of pounds a month in an easy job that gives you the freedom you've always dreamed of? 


Neither do we! 

Posts like this come across so badly on the group and will only ensure that you don't get any responses and maybe even get negative feedback. If it's call center work or on the phones; just say that. If it's a sales job; just say that. We are used to all types of work here in the community so you don't need to be cagey or mysterious, it won't help you get a better response. Instead give an honest, transparent description of the work and details as above. 

7. Pay A Little Better

This might sound like a no brainer but the #1 way for you to get a better response to your jobs posts is actually just to pay a little bit better then everyone else. If the minimum guideline amount for promo work is £10/h but you pay £11/h basic... thats amazing. Make sure you tell us that in your post. It will skyrocket the engagement and massively improve the quality of the submissions you get. 

8. Fill Out Your Directory Entry On The Website

All businesses are entitled to a directory entry on our website for free. This is a great way for you to make sure people can find you even when you're not posting adverts to the group. Your directory entry can have pictures, links to your website and details about your rates and requirements and any member can discover your listing at any time. To fill out your directory entry log into your account on the website and navigate to Account > Directory (or Click Here ) 

Example Of A Great Job Listing

Chimera Recruitment are a young, up and coming luxury retail agency that launched in 2017 to with the mission of providing the best temporary staff in luxury retail while providing the best working environment to their staff compared to most other agencies. 

In the below example advert they are recruiting for Christmas staff and Dan their head of Recruitment describes the company and the work with a link to their website for more information and to apply. 

This is an example of a great recruitment post.