All post submitted to the group are moderated twice a day, every day except Sunday - at 8am and 3pm.
There are a number of reasons why your post might not have been approved as each post is unique. Here are the most common reasons:
Note: When your post is not approved we always send you a message to explain why. These messages often get stuck in Facebooks "Other" or "Message Requests" folder because you are not friends with the admin account so please check your messages and find the message in your requests folder from us as it will have a detailed reason for your post not being approved. 
  1. You are not a registered advertiser but you are trying to promote your business. - This is the most common reason your post would not be approved. If you are promoting your business or service you have to be registered. Please see This Article about why and how to register.
  2. Your post does not meet our community guidelines. - This is the next most common reason for your post not being approved. Please read the guidelines Here: ( Usually if your post is advertising work it is not approved because it doesn't pay well enough. Sometimes when we try to put your work post into a category to help determine the appropriate rate of pay we get it a little wrong so if you feel your rate of pay is actually above our guidelines but your post still wasn't approved then send us a support ticket and we will have a look for you. 
  3. You are promoting an event or a class. - We love events and classes and have hundreds of them being promoted through our group. But we have our own events calendar so you have to submit the event to us first through The Hustle Community Events and then use that link when you promote your post.  
  4. You are posting a post on the group that we don't allow. Often these are self promotional posts, unpaid work, TFP modeling shoots. Again please read our guidelines to find out if we accept your post type before submitting.  
If you feel that for some reason you do not fall into one of these categories but your post is still not being approved then please send us a support ticket so we can check it out for you. We're only human and make mistakes all the time but will be delighted to make it right for you :)